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New Oil Training Center

On Thursday, September 30, 2021, the third Virtual Training Center for the Oil industry was inaugurated in Neuquén.

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About us?

We are a company born in 2018 at the Austral University with the aim of developing an innovative project that mixes knowledge of pedagogy, technology and advanced engineering applied in products for the training of operational personnel in the Oil & Gas sector.

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What services do we offer?

Virtual Reality, Training, Coaching and Engineering

Our years of experience in engineering, research and development applied to solve problems and satisfy your needs, creatively and using the latest virtual, augmented or mixed reality technology. It positions us as leaders in the sector thanks to our extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

Startup Development Team

E-learning course platform

We have designed a platform of online courses that are adapted to your needs and involve state-of-the-art didactic tools.

High technology

We use virtual, augmented and mixed reality developments combined with engineering to solve the needs of our clients

Auriculares VR
Students Typing at Their Computer

Development of simulators and practical courses

We customize the development of virtual reality to train operational personnel in various tasks and high-risk events in tower equipment in the oil field.

Industry recognition

Special mention on the 2018 oil day

Diploma premio IAPG RRHH DLS 2018.jpg


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tanques de petróleo

Free Oil & Gas Talks


Very soon we will start with a cycle of free and online talks aimed at the oil and gas industry related to:

Guarantee the safety of people
Lower operating costs
Perform more efficient and productive maneuvers

These talks will be given by experts with a long history in the oil industry.

Sign up for free here:
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