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Agua Negra

Pumping Rods Course

Course objective: That the participants have the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to perform their tasks effectively and proactively. Adding value to the work carried out routinely, having a clear vision of the importance of their work in achieving the objectives set by the company

Who is it for? may include mechanical depth pump spacings).

Content: Transportation of rods to the site. Stowage of rods in warehouse and location. Torqueado and manipulation in operations of Pulling and Flush By. Cautions in the use of rods. Faults and their identification. Why tighten a threaded joint? Failures due to a bad adjustment operation. Hydraulic wrench, lifting of rods, safety in operations and golden rules in the application.

Face-to-face: Theoretical class given by an Instructor plus practical exercise in Simulator. The duration is 1 day (8 hours). Number of participants 4/5

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